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AYA Bank Auto Loan is where AYA assists customers to purchase a vehicle of choice. Without the constraint of paying the entire car price in 1 lump sum basis, AYA aims to provide an installment plan for the customer, at the same time customer is able to use the vehicle accordingly.

Why choose AYA Auto Loan?

  • Minimum Down Payment as low as 30%
  • Quick and Smooth Process
  • Fixed Monthly Installment Plan
  • Loan tenor up to 5 years
  • Variety choices of auto cars & authorized dealers


Minimum Down Payment 30%

Fixed Monthly Installment

Loan Tenor Up to 5years

Quick and Smooth Process

Convenience – apply at any AYA Branches


Any Myanmar Citizen with stable and reasonable income who is not younger than 20 years old and not older than 55 years at the point of loan application. Joint applicant is allowed (only immediate family members) for those who are older than 55 years old with low income. Documents which reveal accurate information of above factors are needed to provide at the point of application such as NRC, Household list, Income statement or Salary slip.


Check your loan eligibility now! To know your estimated loan eligibility amount, please enter the following link to calculate http://autocalc.ayabank.com

Manage Your Account

The due date of the Auto Loan is the disbursement date of the following month. Upon successful approval, the branch will inform you on the due date. AYA Bank provides multiple channels for loan repayment:

  • AYA Branch (during banking hours)
  • AYA ATM (AYA MPU Cards only)
  • AYA mBanking
  • AYA iBanking

Available Car Brands

Land Rover
Mercedes Benz

Fees & Charges

Type of Cars Down Payment Tenor Interest Rate
New Car Minimum 30% Maximum 5 Years
  • 9% (1 year)(Flat Method)
  • 8.5% (above 1 year)(Flat Method)
  • 13% (1 year)(Amortization)
Used Car Minimum 30% Maximum 2 Years
  • 9% (1 year)(Flat Method)
  • 8.5% (above 1 year)(Flat Method)
  • 13% (1 year)(Amortization)
- Service Charges 1% (on rental fee) -
- PO Commission 0.1% (on car price) -
- Early Repayment Fees 4% (on prepaid principal) -
- Late Fees or Penalty Fees 3% (on due amount) -
- Loan Application Fees No charges -

How To Apply

Option 1 (Brand New Car Only)

You can make an initial enquiry at any AYA branches via phone or in person.

Then, visit selective AYA Branches to receive“In-principle Loan Approval” which contains the eligible HP loan amount.

  • Step 1

    Apply "In-principle loan approval letter" at selected AYA Branches

    You may apply "In-principle loan approval letter" to know your estimated eligible loan amount at the selected AYA Branches along with the following documents.

    • Basic Personal Documents
    • Income Documents
  • Step 2

    Get "In-Principle Loan Approval Letter"

    You will receive "In-Principle Loan Approval Letter" and authorized Car dealers list, and your loan amount will be based on your income and repayment capability.

  • Step 3

    Choose your Car and Submit

    To choose your dream car at AYA authorized dealer showroom, bring and submit original "In-Principle Loan Approval Letter” and other required documents, then sign the “Sales and Purchase agreement".

    • Basic Personal Documents
    • Income Documents
    • Car Related Documents
  • Step 4

    Get your Dream Car

    You will obtain final loan approval from AYA Bank and receive car from the dealer after successful car registration.

Option 2 (Brand New or Used Car)
  • Alternatively, you can go directly to any Bank’s dealer and choose your car and prepared for necessary documents which will be advised by such dealer.
  • Fill in Hire Purchase Application Form and submit the necessary documents at selected AYA branches or dealer counter.


  • Basic Personal Documents

    • NRC
    • Household List
    • Original Testimonial Letter from Ward Administration Office
  • Income Documents

    Salary Employed

    • Salary Slip (minimum 3 months)
    • Employment Confirmation Letter
    • Bank Statement (minimum 3 months)
    • Professional License (such as Doctor License, Seaman’s CDC)

    Self Employed

    • Business or Company Registration Documents
    • Income/ Financial Statement (Operating Account)
    • Tax Receipts
  • Car Related Documents

    • In-Principle Loan Approval Letter
    • Sales and Purchase Agreement
    • Bill of Lading and Import Declaration (if applicable)
    • Owner Book and Premium Book (if applicable)
    • Wheel Tax (if applicable)
    • Car Photos